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  • 2020/04/03 Marcin

    I bought the MG7 mouse, after installing the driver downloaded from the official website, the program will not start. After clicking the icon, the mouse cursor hangs for a while, for a second you can see the program window and immediately turns off and so each time.

    you may exchange the USB port and re-install software.
  • 2020/04/03 Ian Jinks

    I just purchased a gamemax black hole case. I was just wondering what fans are compatible with this case. I need 2 140mm and 3 130mm. I am on a tight budget too So far i am very happy with my purchase but need extra fans for cooling and for the bling effrct. I love argb. Thank you kindly.

    it support 2x14cm on top and addtional 1x12cm on rear too.
  • 2020/04/03 Firas Taiseer Zahdeh

    Hi I am a trader from Palestine, I work in the computer sector and its accessories, I have seen your products and want to buy from you, maybe not all, it depends on the prices of the parts I would like to have a complete catalog of all your products, with specifications and prices attached, so that I can choose I tried to find an agent for your products in my country, but I have not found Waiting for your reply

    Thanks, and we will contact you asap.
  • 2020/01/04 AARYAN JAISWAL

    My gamemax case side glass panel is broken and it under waranty

    We're afraid you'd re-order side glass panel as it is only warranty at by box open before assemble PC.
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