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  • 2018/12/08 Siarhei

    Hello i want to know if i can fit Noctua NH-U14S inside of M905 case w/o any issues.

    it is 165mm height of CPU cooler, to be fine.
  • 2018/12/08 Aaron crosbie

    Hi, I am looking to mine bitcoin or ethereum (or any other crypto you recommend). I saw someone mining currently using GM-1650 X12 -. Can i enquire on the price of the GM-1650 please? Also can you recommend me a strong setup and suggest how much bitcoin/ethereum we should produce with this setup.... Thanks Aaron

    you can buy GM1350 and GM1650 PSU model, that is designed for bitcoin machine.
  • 2018/12/08 Misha

    good day you would not be able to throw me the driver to the bag M369B I can not find the driver

    there is none driver need, DPI can adjust by middle button on mouse.
  • 2018/12/08 elan suherlan

    i was buy your PSU 1050 watt, but not capable for my rig i5 3470 3,6ghz ram ddr3 8gb, VGA 1ea rx 470 4gb and 3 ea rx570 8gb, 4 ea 12cm fan, and standard keyboard and mouse. it was calculated just 847w, But Why is not appliable and capable, my PC shutdownly always. i dissapointed for your product. i was make sure all other my pc component is fine work. Please reply me, how to make me satisfy with your product

    VGA 1ea rx 470 4gb and 3 ea rx570 8gb.,,it seems you are using GM-1050 for make a mining machine... if so, you have to choose our GM1350 or Gm1650 (this is designed for mining machine, the 12V output in heavy load), current GM-1050 is designed for Gaming PC system(best balance load is for 2xVGA, not for mining) GM1350 support 6xVGA GM1650 support 8xVGA For your ref.