• 2018-01-13 23:53:21 Vadim

    Good evening! I purchased this package G561-F Blue I want to know if it can be installed in this system of liquid cooling: GameMax Iceberg 240 And are there dust filters in this enclosure?

    yes, it is can installed
  • 2018-01-13 22:59:29 KT what case wings are build in and what is there db/a on max and normal use.

    this is latest ATX tower case, that can install most gaming accessories in the chassis
  • 2018-01-12 21:51:10 Aaron crosbie

    Hi, I am looking to mine bitcoin or ethereum (or any other crypto you recommend). I saw someone mining currently using GM-1650 X12 -. Can i enquire on the price of the GM-1650 please? Also can you recommend me a strong setup and suggest how much bitcoin/ethereum we should produce with this setup.... Thanks Aaron

    you can buy GM1350 and GM1650 PSU model, that is designed for bitcoin machine.
  • 2018-01-04 18:27:27 Will Towson

    Hi I have recently bought a Game Max Nexus RGB White Case, the fans and lights all work but my BIOS inst seeing any of the fan speed, it only seeing my CPU one. the fans also seem slow and i cant in cress the fan speed. I have the CPU fan connected to the CPU Fan port on the mother board and the cable from the board on the case is connected to system fan 1 on the motherboard. any ideas? I haven/t moved any of the fan and light cables so unless its been wired up wrong at factory? Im using a MSI Z370 SLI Plus mother board. Thanks

    the case fan is sharing PWM signal from motherbaord, it is controlled by itself, so it can't appear in BIOS.
  • 2018-01-04 04:20:55 mike browne

    we brought your water cooler (Game Max 240mm All in One Liquid CPU Cooler with LED Lighting) and fitted it to our AMD PC, we have now upgraded to a i5 processor and motherboard but have lost the intel fittings, do you sell those on their own?, so we can continue to use the water cooler. Thank you

    We're afraid you'd buy addtional intel bracket to fix header on CPU.
  • 2018-01-03 10:40:55 Franco

    Hi Gamemax, I bought an ATX G561 White and my problem is that the leds of the up-front and the back fan isn/t working (they only turn on when I turn on the computer and then nothing) while the led of the down-front fan works properly. Can you help me please?

    the LEDs fan of G561, it is just On/Off light method, if fan working, then leds light up too, you check if fan it is working or connected well.
  • 2017-12-27 21:47:01 Viktor

    Hello Gamemax, few days ago I bought your product - Iceberg 240 liquid cooler. I have an issues that it isn/t cooling my i7 8700k and its temp go up to /90 C. In that case I need to setup fans on radiator to get cold air in o my computer, is it possible? If yes how should i connect radiator/s fans to my motherboard asus prime z370-a? There are slots CPU_pump and CPU_fans, at the moment pump is connected to cpu_pump and fans to fans. So fans are blowing out air, but because of my case (nzxt S340), it is on front panel and doesnt cool well. That why I need it to blow in cold air. Thanks for your future answer and best regards, Viktor.

    Nzxt S340 is a elite compact design, watercooling can't install top panel as we guess, so you can try to install Fan in another side, if it help for intake cold air.
  • 2017-12-26 19:55:06 Kozim

    Hello, Could you please provide an information about purchasing and shipping to Uzbekistan? Br, Kozim

    We will contact you via email already.
  • 2017-12-25 19:18:05 Craig Whittingham

    We have purchased a gaming pCs for my son but cannot get it to do anything from the home screen. It just flickers. Can you help please?

    which model you bought, suppose to contact the shop where you buy, they will give you more info for how to assemble it.
  • 2017-12-24 16:32:07 elan suherlan

    i was buy your PSU 1050 watt, but not capable for my rig i5 3470 3,6ghz ram ddr3 8gb, VGA 1ea rx 470 4gb and 3 ea rx570 8gb, 4 ea 12cm fan, and standard keyboard and mouse. it was calculated just 847w, But Why is not appliable and capable, my PC shutdownly always. i dissapointed for your product. i was make sure all other my pc component is fine work. Please reply me, how to make me satisfy with your product

    VGA 1ea rx 470 4gb and 3 ea rx570 8gb.,,it seems you are using GM-1050 for make a mining machine... if so, you have to choose our GM1350 or Gm1650 (this is designed for mining machine, the 12V output in heavy load), current GM-1050 is designed for Gaming PC system(best balance load is for 2xVGA, not for mining) GM1350 support 6xVGA GM1650 support 8xVGA For your ref.
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