Gamemax Chassis Displayed at Computex 2017

2018-12-17 19:37:23 admin 299

GameMax is now becoming a more common name in the western market. We’ve reviewed a few of their products already, and while they’re often more affordable than rival brands, their quality is still on par, making them very attractive to consumers.

Their booth at Computex was configured more on a B2B scale, so product names are a bit thin on the ground here. However, we spoke with our friends at GameMax to ensure we only got pictures of models we know are coming to the UK market this year. That means any you see here should be hitting web stores fairly soon, so keep an eye out for them!

These first few (pictured above and below) are your fairly standard ATX towers. They have LED lighting, and large side panels, PSU shrouds, etc.

Infinity Mirror

While not the first to do this, the infinity mirror design is stunning. The chassis comes with a built-in fan controller too, adding value for money. On the right, you can see a very angular panel, this is basically for the same chassis, but it’s available with two unique front panel options.

This one is completely bonkers. It’s designed to look like a race car wheel. The water cooling runs outside of the chassis and while the silver does look a bit… urgh.. there is a black version coming soon too.

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Even More Cases!

This one look cool, it’s like it’s somewhere between an ROG design and a Cylon.

A slightly curvier version of the H440? Looks good to me!


GameMax create more than just chassis. They’ve got their lovely new ICEBERG CPU coolers here too. We’re told the price will be extremely competitive, and you still get those lovely RGB fans in the mix too.

Power Supplies

Their new PSUs are looking great too. They come in all the usual shapes and sizes, mostly semi-modular, although there are some fully modular models too. What’s interesting is that these are designed and made by GameMax, not a 3rd party.


While this one looks standard, like a few models it also has RGB lighting. What’s interesting is that they’ll have one with Bluetooth to control the lighting, and another more affordable version with a button to control it. Either way, I like their thinking.

Hey look, it’s the black version of the wheel chassis!


While we haven’t tested any of these yet, we’re eager to see them come to the UK. For budget peripherals they look pretty solid and the designs aren’t as garish or over the top as many other brands “cheaper” ranges.