Rainbow+PWM HUB controller

V1.6 controller can connect any standard Rainbow 3pin accessories , such as Rainbow Fan ,CPU cooler Rainbow, Rainbow rainbow strip (because this is standard 3pin rainbow connector(same as ASUS/MSI on board connector type)
SYNC mode, link to motherboard, light model change leave MB control.
Manual model…Over 100 mode by top manual RGB switch control.
Built-in PWM function, all fans sharing PWM signal input from motherboard for auto-speed control by noise control. 

1, > 100 modes (total 16 mode, and Total changes over 100 (color change*16))
2, 7 kinds of dynamic colors.
3. Manual control function.
4, mode and color switching function.
5, light brightness adjustment function. (Depend on case design if panle has 2 RGB button)
6, SATA power supply. Allow positive and negative power supply.
7. Make the ordinary fan have the function of PWM fan.
8, compatible with RAINBOW motherboard programmable RGB interface.
1, Switch machine. Press and hold the mode and color to press the 3'S to turn the light on or off.
2. The initial power-on defaults to the colorful raibow mode.
3. Press the mode and color button one time, to switch the mode.
4. Quick Press mode and color button twice , change colors in current mode.
5. Short press the brightness button to adjust the brightness of the light.
(This feature depends on the version to decide whether to provide, ie, only new case model has 2 RGB button)
6. After connecting the motherboard to the RGB interface, the light changes are controlled by the motherboard
7. The fan speed is controlled by the PWM signal of the motherboard in real time. It is necessary to connect the fan with the sense function to the CMOS of the FAN1 motherboard to realize the speed detection.
Interface definition
1. FAN1-5 is connected to the fan, and FAN1 has sense rotation speed detection function.
2. RAINBOW 1-5 is connected to a fan or strip
3. MB RAINBOW is connected to the motherboard addressable RGB interface.
4. SATA is the power supply interface. Allow positive and negative connections.
5. PWM-IN is connected to the motherboard PWM fan interface.
6. SW is the button interface. With different chassis, it has mode and color control functions, and some new chassis have light brightness adjustment function. Reserve the touch switch button interface
7. In the WRITE+ TEST interface, the D-butyl interface is the PWM demo function interface. When the PWM fan is not connected, short-circuit TEST 1 and 2 to drive the fan to rotate. WRITE is the software debug interface. The light function of the controller is blocked.







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