What kind of technical problems does COC encounter during the development?

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What kind of technical problems does COC encounter during the development?

(the following content includes excerpts from the first interview with Ms. Rachel, Global sales director of GameMax) GameMax

 1. Are there any problems in the selection of fans? What are the advantages and characteristics of the final selected fan?  

 A: COC system is a non-normal fan. In fact, at the beginning, we wanted to use a 12cm or 14cm fan directly. After many tests, the first question was: how to install the COC system? At the beginning, it was installed on the side panel and resonated, and the wind had no effect on the motherboard, and no effect at all. At that time, the team was very frustrated; Then, the Engineering research and development meetings were held for many days Discussion, brainstorming, bit by bit, the prototype of COC system came out, test failure, correction, test failure ... I don't know how many fails, I don't know how many times we encourage each other, until you see the complete COC system comes out and tests, and achieves the effect; here is an additional story, 9 leaves, 11 leaves, the angle of the fan blade, we have proofed hundreds of fans, and finally the effect of this fan is the best, not only cooling effect is good, but also quiet


2. In the process of combining the back with the fan, are there any technical problems, such as the installation position of some heat dissipation fasteners on the back, and how to avoid conflict? How to achieve perfect compatibility.          

 A: in order to provide customers with better back wiring space, Brufen C1 Chassis reserved 25 mm cable management, which is because the 25cm allows us to use thicker fans and avoid interference with heat dissipation fasteners. At the same time, due to the space, our fan and the side plate are in seamless contact, which ensures that the fan has enough air inlet and resonance from the side plate;


3. Why do you think of back air intake for heat dissipation?          

 A: GameMax factory is a professional system chassis provider, serving many brands in worldwide. more customers have put forward a lot of topics for us. The most important of these topics is that the chassis function not only carries accessories, but also considers heat dissipation. The area around the CPU is heat gathering area. How can we reduce these heat, especially for VRM (voltage regulation) with stable CPU operation Module - I only knew this later(I usually sell chassis, which should be thought of by the motherboard factory). There is no way. The customer's demand is our direction. We should look for engineering, R & D, brainstorming with team members. If there is a sales person, they say that it is not effective to blow them from the back. It is so simple. In fact, at that time, we thought that the CPU temperature might decrease That place should not be effective, but it was really a surprise after the test. I really want to thank the customers who cooperated with GameMax. At the same time, I hope that netizens can give us more opinions after the product is launched. Your demands are the driving force for us to move forward;



4. We see that the temperature drop of VRM & PCH is more than 20%, what is the effect of these two?           

A: we also consulted the product director of our all-in-one machine business department. He told me that VRM plays a very good role in CPU stability, and it is also the place with the greatest burden on the whole motherboard. He told me that most motherboards are broken, most of which are caused by the high temperature of capacitors here, and some bad motherboards are shown to me; PCH is the output device for graphics cards For management, high temperature graphics cards will have blue screen and stuck problems (I less play games, I haven't well experienced it, and welcome funs/users can experience it). Now some high-end motherboards have added heat sinks in this part. Also added fans, which shows that the motherboard manufacturers have also found this problem;


5. I think the data is very interesting. Not only the temperature of the core components decreases, but also the temperature of the GPU card and hard disk, these fans are not blown, but the temperature drops.            

A: This is the magic point of COC system. For the whole motherboard heat dissipation, you can see that the design of COC is like gathering the wind together and wrapping the motherboard. The accessories related to the whole motherboard are benefited; (that is, the T-shaped target airflow we see at present)          

6. Is there any other special function of COC system?           

A: actually, if you think about it, blowing from the back can clean up the dust on the motherboard. Under the T-shaped air duct, it can reduce the adhesion of dust on the motherboard. Dust is the biggest threat to computer components. Didn't a brand do dust prevention before? Let's remove dust. (laboratory data can reduce dust adhesion by 80 %)           


7. In addition to the COC structure, what are the selling points of this new chassis?

1. Design concept of chassis, large air intake of front panel, overall compatibility of chassis, support of graphics card and heat dissipation, etc.          

A: this panel is selected from hundreds of schemes by the company, which is used to improve the overall heat dissipation effect with COC system. At the same time, the panel of this product is made of iron plate (the iron mesh is relatively thin), with special punching process, hierarchical arrangement, and finally electrophoretic coloring process. You can see that the texture is very good. If you like lighting Next month, we will provide you with lights.


2. The IO panel is rich, and the speed of USB3.0 is fast, and the specific speed can reach 5.0gbps (500MB/S).            

A: (our product adopts two USB3.0 interfaces, and the transmission speed can reach 5.0gbps. You can take a look at the wire. We use flat wire. This kind of wire can only be used on the chassis of high costly chassis.)


3.The fan location is rich, which can be compatible with 8x12cm fans for strong heat dissipation

A. There are not only eight fan positions, but also a 360 liquid cooling can be installed in the front. The performance of the 10th generation CPU is really strong, but the heat is also big. It can install 360 water cooling, which can make overclocking more arbitrary. It does not worry about the CPU temperature being too high, and automatically reduce the frequency.


4. It has its own light control button and needs to relate to the ARGB accessories of GameMax series to achieve excellent sound and light synchronization effect

A: It hasPWM module, which provide normal fan enjoy auto speed fan controlled, also it is supported to SYNC with Aura 5V addressable LEDs or via build-in over 100 light modes to provide various effects for whole chassis. 

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