New Edition of HotWheel Released

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New Edition of HotWheel  Easy to control the separate water-cooled

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HotWheel Easy to control the separate water-cooled 2017 can be said that DIY hardware industry's new year, This year AMD is no longer 360 degrees every day stand up, with cost-effective new Ryzen series processors, After a lapse of ten years later and finally hard just toothpaste factory Intel, once again aroused the enthusiasm of many senior DIY players. With the rise of performance-level gaming PC, Water cooling and compatible with the water-cooled chassis and other high-end products have also been more and more attention of new and old players, Many strength manufacturers are interested in this piece of cake on the cup. 2016 with ultra-run MOD HOTWHEEL water-cooled chassis stunning industry GAMEMAX, Not long ago released the second generation of HotWheel, This chassis uses a custom version of water cooling System, GAMEMAX apparently want to change the high-end water-cooled chassis market industry pattern.


As we all know, the current market cooling water is mainly all in one type of water-cooled and split water-cooled two.Among them, the integrated All in one water-cooled price is relatively cheap and the installation is relatively small, is the main force of popular water cooling, but is not strong, the effect of poor lighting; Split water-cooled price is relatively expensive and the installation is more difficult, the current mainly for hands-on high-end players, but its plasticity, lighting effect is outstanding, suitable for creating personalized PC host. So for the hands of the weak players, often have to give up the difficulty of separate water-cooled, it can not be said to be a regret.  

GAMEMAX new edition HotWheel, Using a separate water-cooled and integrated water-cooled combination of custom water cooling package design, In the chassis to provide a separate water-cooled pipe and water-cooled box, in the chassis to provide a one-piece water-cooled and water-cooled, water-cooled pump.

风火轮二代来袭 轻松驾驭分体式水冷
HotWheel Second Generation Water Cooled Chassis Customized Water Cooled Heat Set

 GAMEMAX through scientific and rational design will be integrated water-cooled and split water-cooled in the second generation of HotWheel on the integration, for the players to provide a convenient installation and superior lighting effect of water-cooled solution. HotWheel, For the players hands-on ability requirements are not high,To the players will be integrated(All in one) water-cooled, it is easy to get started.because the second generation of HotWheel , At the time of shipment, most of the water-cooled kits have been installed, Players only need to connect in the split part of the joint, one part of the pump can be installed, this humane design greatly reduces the high-end water-cooled DIY threshold.风火轮二代来袭 轻松驾驭分体式水冷
GAMEMAX HotWheel Generation Chassis Standard Water Cooling Kit List

The new generation of HotWheel apply with In the design continued the concept of ultra-running car factor, But in the color, materials and technology on the upgrade, Personalized five-spoke hub with black silver with axle LED light effect, So that the second generation of water-cooled HotWheel looks very dynamic look like a super run. While the external double water cold tube + double water cold box makes the water cool light effect of the coolest show, Plus the chassis installed inside the LED fan and LED lights,

And then combined with the fuselage around the week of the RGB lights and RGB lights with remote control, you can achieve four kinds of lighting mode, 13 kinds of light color remote control settings, so that the New generation of HotWheel luminous atmosphere is particularly noticeable.风火轮二代来袭 轻松驾驭分体式水冷
HotWheel Water – cooled System design

  The second generation of HotWheel chassis using high-quality aluminum stamping molding, and experienced grinding polishing, surface sandblasting, anodizing and CNC machining drilling and a series of precision process, and finally in the production line through manual hand Testing, chassis materials, technology and quality are reflected in the high-end positioning, can be said to be genuine one-stop high-end water-cooled chassis solutions.

  In fact, GAMEMAX HotWheel to meet the current high-end hardware market for the concept of MOD and customized water cooling and rich LED light effects, including a variety of needs, And in the past these needs often require players through their own efforts to achieve. This kind of integrated solution by the manufacturer, so that many lack of hands-on ability of high-end players can easily get the personality of the high-end PC, which will undoubtedly be able to release a large number of high-end demand. In the past, the kind of chassis, water cooling and LED light efficiency relative to the independent sales strategy may therefore be a certain degree of challenge.

Open the new pattern of water cooling

  GAMEMAX HotWheel chassis, not only demonstrated a superb industrial design and manufacturing capabilities, but also proposed a customized water-cooled heat sink one-stop high-end water-cooled solution, this original custom matching design or lead High-end water-cooled market trend, I believe that GAMEMAX second generation of HotWheel convenient installation and more cool effect and good compatibility and scalability, will bring you a different feeling.

GAMEMAX HotWheel detailed parameters

Basic Spec

·       Gaming Chassis

·       ATX Power Supply support

·       Form Factor ATX

·       MB ATX ,MATX ,ITX  

·       CPU cooler height 175mm



·       3.5x2

·       2.5x2

·       PCI slot x 4

·       USB3.0 x2



·       left:1*120mm(Optional fan)
Right:1*120mm(Optional fan)
Rear:1*120mm(Optional fan),1*120mm(Optional fan)
Top:2*120mm(Optional fan or watercooling),1*240mm(water-cooling))

Other features Rack Material: Aluminum, Acrylic
Graphic card:full profile
LED light:RGB remote control
Water tank: 220
Carton size:595*355*605mm


Size info

·        Product:520×235×526.5mm

·       Weight :NW 11kg,GW13.5kg


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