Gamemax New COC Chassis Active Temperature control solution Technology

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Cooling Solution of computer case

Gamemax New COC Chassis Active Temperature control solution Technology 


1. What is the COC Chassis?       


A: the full name of COC is Cooling & Over-Clocking, which means cooling overclocking. It is a new type of heat dissipation structure. A Turbo fan is added to the main board of the chassis to form a new T-type targeted air duct inside the host to help cool down various accessories in the host. Especially for the power supply module on the main board, the actual test shows that the maximum cooling range on the main board reaches 11C. Moreover, this technology has also obtained two invention patents and two structural patents, which is a new technology developed by GameMax brand after hundreds of times of research and development in combination with the demands of different consumer groups in many countries around the world.

2, What are the advantages of COC structure compared with conventional chassis cooling scheme?


A: the general CPU cooling depends on integrated water cooling or some tower air cooling, but these two types of heat dissipation only touch the surface of CPU for CPU cooling. In fact, the calorific value of each module on the motherboard is also very high, such as South-Bridge Chipset module, CPU voltage regulation module and power supply module. It is not enough for these modules to rely on the heat sink on the motherboard. Once the heat output is too high, it will cause various problems. For example, blue screen and carton may appear. The COC structure can effectively dissipate heat for these neglected large heating households, and the way of back air intake can effectively take away heat and achieve cooling effect.


3. COC's R&D concept explained

A: today's players pay more and more attention to the heat dissipation of the chassis. How to effectively cool the Computer System has become the primary consideration for many users when assembling computers. And with the popularity of Intel's 10 generation CPU, the calorific value is close to the previous generation's overclocking level, and the heating problem faced by users is more headache issue. The brand concept of GameMax did invention and create COC whole chassis cooling solution for players, it is necessary to solve the hot problem of "cooling". Therefore, COC came into being. Let the player in the game, no longer worry about the host temperature is too high, enjoy the fun of E-sports.

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