High-performance thermal paste specially designed for overclocking or gaming PCs ,Comes with 3g thermal paste that is easy to apply and perfectly fills the space between your cooler and CPU. Nanotechnology in the paste improves heat conduction via its micro molecules. Made with non-electric conductive materials, this thermal paste is completely safe to use.
Comes with a spreader for quick and easy application.
Nano Grease made with nanotechnology offering superior tehermal conductivity
Increasing the performace of CPU and VGA coolers
Non-electric conductive materials ensure safe usage
Low evaporation point and high temperature tolerance
Spreader allows for quick and easy application
Comes with 3 grams of thermal paste

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ModelTG3 (3g)
Thermal Conductivity>5.15W/m-K
Thermal Impedance<0.205 ℃-in2/W
Specific Gravity>3.25
Viscosity1000 cps
Thixotropic Index330 ±10mm 
Moment Beared Temperature-50~240℃
Operation Temperature-30~220℃
Silicone Compounds30%
Carbon Compounds20%
Metal Oxide Compounds50%
Net Weight3g
EAN Code6931858786157

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