Remote PWM+ARGB HUB V3.0

The GameMax V3.0 Remote funational PWM and ARGB (Rainbow) HUB uses build-in program to simultaneously control up to five fans and 2 strip ( 3-pin) and synchronise all ARGB Rainbow products . It is also compatible with RGB motherboards including ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte to name a few. The hub additionally supports LED outputs of up to 24 Watts.
The GameMax V3.0 box is compatible connect to normal fan ,which enjoy PWM auto speed via a link PWM cable SYNC signal from motherboard, Total 5x Fan channel support. There are multiple ways to install the hub inside the case using either a Velcro strap, screws or zip ties.

  • 外设配件: 其他配件



1. Max. Support 180pcs’ LED strips (Up to 24A)

2. The default mode is 7 color mode when power on.

Lastest PC case

3. Short press SW button, the lights’ modes change, total 16

Color modes.

Short press

SW button

Short press color

Mode button twice

Long press mode

Button 3s

4. Short press SW button twice, lights’ colors change in the same mode.

5. Long press color mode button (on the top panel of the case), 3s the lights turn off. Then long press mode button 3s, the lights on.

6. Rainbow 1-5 ports connect to fans and GameMax strip, strip 1-2 ports connect to strips, MB rainbow connects to the motherboard.

7. When the motherboard doesn’t connect to the control board, the fan lights can be controlled by the control board. When connect to the motherboard, the fan lights’ modes controlled by the motherboard.

8. Fan must be connected to the Fan1 port then the M/B BIOS,can detect the fan speed. The fan2-5 port can’t detect the fan speed, it’s without speed testing function.

9. When the PWM-IN connects to the motherboard. The FAN1-5 ports are with the temperature control function for the fan. (support 5 pcs of normal fan share PWM function)

10. When the SW connect to the external mode control button, (the mode control button on the case), the lights can be controlled by it, to realize the lights’ modes, colors and on/off.

Mode 1: 7 colors mode

Mode 2: 5 colors mode

Mode 3: 3 colors mode

Mode 4 to 14: different rainbow colors mode

Mode 15: single color normally on mode

Mode 16: single color breathing mode