GameMax big bowl fan GMX-12-RBB side luminous band GameMax- playability< br/> The fan blade can be disassembled, which is convenient for dust removal --- functional< br/> The bowl-shaped design has large wind pressure; the Suspended fan blade design, with large air volume 58.8cfm (the fan blade is larger than the traditional aperture fan), and the air pressure is 2.18
The sickle design matches the suspended fan blade, which increases the air intake volume from the side. The traditional fan can only supply air from the front, which increases the air intake volume
Optimize use big motor has lower dynamic balance, longer service life, and quieter sound
The ultra-thin design is 20% lower than the traditional fan. The cold exhaust installed with our fan can be compatible with the high vest memory module in the market without interference< br/> The expandable fan cover is practical and beautiful, which can better conform to the spirit of DIY and improve the overall effect after installation

  • Cooling Item: Cooling Fan
  • Light Mode: ARGB
Rated voltage-Fan12V
Rated voltage-RGB LED5V
Rated current-Fan0.25A
Rated current-RGB LED0.5A(Max.)
Rotating speed1200+-10% RPM
Air volume36.8CFM
Static pressure2.18mm
Noise Level24.6 DBA
Connector3+4pin morex+ARGB 3pin M/F header
Frame TechnologyAAO
Patent No.:201830703598X

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