Ice Blade Argb

GameMax Ice Blade ARGB CPU Air Cooler, 4 Heat-Pipes, 120mm ARGB Dual Ring Infinity CPU Fan, Fins Bending, 4-pin CPU Cooler, FRGB Lighting forIntel LGA1700/115X/1200, AMD AM5/AM4, Black
• 【Tower-shape CPU Air Cooler】Ice Blade ARGB CPU Air Cooler is armed with 40 pieces of penetrate-design fins and high-level metal fasteners.
• 【4 Copper Heat-pipes】The 4x6mm Pure copper and vacuum heat-pipes of this CPU Cooler for can directly connect to the CPU. Thus, the heat can be transferred to the fins quickly without any obstacles. And it adopts 40 inserted fins, the heat pipes and fins can be closely connected, the heat conduction system is easy to work.
• 【Removable PWM Fans】This ARGB Dual Ring Infinity CPU Fan is safe and easy to maintain with the removable fan fasteners that made of metal materials for avoiding the possibility of damage in transit. The colorful fan and soft fan blades combined with each other, bringing to the bright sense of beauty.
• 【Fins Bending Technology】The fins of this ARGB CPU Cooler adopt the bending technology that contributes to the good ventilation and heat conduction ability between the fins.
• 【CPU&Socket Support】Intel: LGA1700/115X/1200 AMD: AM5/AM4.

  • Cooling Item: Air Cooler
  • Light Mode: ARGB


Overall Dimension120(L)X67(W)X155(H)mm
Heat Pipes6mm heatpipe x 4 units
Fins40 Aluminum Fins
Heat Base MaterialHeat pipes Direct Touch
Fan Dimension120×120×25mm
Lighting effectARGB (3pin Addressable)
Fan Speed800~1600RPM (PWM)±10%
Bearing TypeHydraulic Bearing
Air Flow68 CFM (MAX)
Air Pressure32.6dBA(MAX)
Connector4-Pin PWM (thermocomtrol)
CPU Compatibility

Intel LGA1700/115X/1200


Package ContentsGift Box
Package Dimensions625*460*375mm
Net Weight15.9kg 
Gross Weight16.9kg

Product Drawing:

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