Specification:Measurement                             &

Measurement                                                                      120*120*25mm
Rated voltage                                                                              12DCV
Operating voltage                                                                  10.8-13.2DCV
Starting voltage                                                                      MAX 7.5DCV
Rated current                                                                        0.12~0. 03AMP
Rated speed                                                                           1100±10%RPM
Noise level                                                                                    23.4DB
Air flow                                                                                       46.5CFM
MTBF                                                                            30000 hours at 25 65%RH
Bearing type                                                                         Hydraulic bearing
Connector type:                                                                           3&4pin
Gamemax Cooling Fan offers the best performance with a low noise level and a stunning look. The Hydraulic Bearing system gives the product a longer life and ensure a higher performance. Recommended for all Gaming chassis.
* 15 intense light LEDs
* Transparent black frame,
*  11 fan blades
*  Long life Hydraulic bearing
*  Optimized silent design, quiet operation with low RPM.
*  High air flow for maximum cooling performance
*  Both 3&4 pin connector
* Anti-Vibration Rubber Gaskets
* Silent operation as an excellent choice for gaming case cooling.

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