GameMax 120mm Dual-Ring 16 LED fan compatible with the GameMax Vision RC and Vanguard VR2 combines unrivalled performance and low noise operation with vibrant Rainbow lighting. By utilising ultra-low friction magnetic levitation bearing technology, the cooling fan can deliver more airflow and higher static pressure at lower noise levels than traditional bearing fans, backed by a long-life two-year warranty. Six independent hub-mounted Rainbow LEDs output a vivid blast of light and colour, making it easy to match your system style, it is  easy to equip your PC with quiet cooling, in any colour.

Key Features
Magnetic Levitation Bearing - Dramatically reduces bearing friction by magnetically levitating the fan blade, producing lower noise and higher performance.

Dynamic RGB Lighting - 16 RGB LEDs output a vivid blast of light and colour.

Compatibility - The fan is compatible with the Shadow and Phantom allowing you to add more fans to your build and enable stunning dynamic lighting effects.

Complete PWM Control - Dynamically control fan speed from 1,200 to 1,400 RPM to minimise noise or maximise.

Built to Last - Long lifespan.

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