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     GAMEMAX - PC Hardware And Peripherals For Gamers, brand products of computer case and power supply mainly for computer game players, become a reliable best brand in IT gaming accessories provider in worldwide!

     The America International Consumer Electronics Showing (CES) in 2010 at Star City Casino that is Las Vegas was starting, 2500 consumer electronics enterprises from all over the world took participate in the exhibition . TOM ZHANG, SOHOO chairman, met Louis Carter and David zhong in the exhibition, kept in touch with them in mutual a close business communication and became good friends after years.

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      Louis Carter likes China very much, he has been to Hong Kong and Shanghai in China several times. He said China has stepping in o Global Market's door and is growing up to be international society influencer and decider. besides, look to further increase for the environmental protection science and technology trends and development . At the same time, he invited Mr. David zhong to make games case model and design scheme for SOHOO, to promote China and Worldwide high-end DIY game market and development by the technology and design integration. After more communication and negotiations, as well as to the Chinese market in the global market prospect of detailed discussion and analysis, Louis Carter and David zhong gladly accepted the invitation of Mr. TOM Zhang cooperation.

      The cooperation of both sides, common promotion and establishing GAMEMAX brand and the market, SOHOO will be responsible for GameMax in China as factory base and global brand marketing manage. The GameMax North America team will be responsible for providing technology and design scheme. GameMax established a special technical and created team in silicon valley for provide marketing power.

      GAMEMAX Runing Centre in China 

      Company Address:Sohoo Ind. Zone. No1 Junda Road Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China (GAMEMAX in China business place)   
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    Lastest PC case  GameMax products were very popular among game players with the advanced environmental technology and avant-garde design of the appearance. In North America, the game enthusiasts already heard the GameMax.  We had maintained the concept of “a good product based on the environmental technology” to design the products. These won the praise of the industry and the recognition of game enthusiasts.

      GameMax had his own personality, with fabulous designs, high quality workmanship, and environmental technology. This kind of game hardware products were the desire of each player. The GameMax advocated the game personality, environmental technology, and the freedom to share the spirit of the brand. It was a symbol of the highest spiritual maturity of DIY culture.

      Created for the ones who dare to win, the gamers who refuse to give up and the unstoppable. The unreasonable and relentless. The few who go against the grain and dream big. For those who know the adventure is out there and it’s for the taking. With over 17 years experience creating PC cases, peripherals and hardware to provide gamers all over the world with the very best kit at an affordable price, GameMax is now here to change the WorldWide for good. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and we don’t follow the crowd, do you?  BE READY, BE GAMMER!!

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